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Juuso Laitinen: I play hard, but right!

Prior to the Premium League match against JK Tulevik Viljandi, let us meet our new right back from Finland – Juuso Laitinen.

You are from Finland, right? Can you please describe how did you start playing football and how did you end up playing for Levadia?

When I was 6 years old, my dad started to coach youngsters who were one year older than me and I just kind of jump into the practice with them. So I can say that because of my dad I started to play football in the first place. For moving Levadia, there was a lot of things that happened before I came here. The caretaker of a local sporthall in my hometown said to me as a joke that I should go and try to get a place in Estonia. After one week I asked my dad´s friend, who’s now my agent, about a chance to get me here somehow. He called to Argo and arrenged a tryout for me. After succesful tryout period I made a contract and here I am.

Finland is not far but how different is the style you were used to play there and what you are playing now for Levadia?

In Finland we want to mix things up on the field. If there is a chance to build up the game with short passes then that usually happens, but sometimes it´s too difficult and then you have to use long balls. You have to be ready to fight. So far it has been almost the same here. Only difference for me is that here everything we do is more professional.

As a defender you must have some dirty tricks to take from your sleeve:) Or do you like to fair-play more?

When I was youngster I used to be the dirtiest player on the field but thats because Ii was playing in defensive midfielder role. But since then I have played in every position during my football career and that kind of created the player who I am right now. I have become older and smarter with dirty tricks, most of tricks happens when referee doesn’t pay attention but they are not big things. I can say that I play hard, but right.

What do you think is your strenght as a defender?

My strenght is that I am strong, fast and that I don’t give up. Heading is also my main strength but it’s hard to believe cause I am not so tall. That gives a suprise element in the game. But for all, I don’t have real weaknesses.

What do you think about Tallinn and its social life?

It´s a beautiful city but I haven’t yet had enough time to go and explore more about the city. But it already has been better for me. People here are more social than in Finland, nobody are scared of talking to strangers. I don’t know how estonian feel about finnish people but I am already adapted here and it feels like home.

What is you favourite football team?

Manchester United. It comes from my dad. I also support Real Madrid, but ManUtd is the one.

If you would not be a football player then who would you like to be?

I would be a icehockey player. I played icehockey alongside with football till Ii was 16yrs old and I was actually better in that sport but loved football too much.